The chronology of megalithic culture in India is in controversy many scholars have given their
opinion basing on the burials studied by them. Wheeler suggested that the culture had survived in
between 200 B.C. and 50 A.D., at Hallur. The radio carbon dates collected so far reveal that 555 B.C.
at Takalghat in Nagapur area. A few megalithic sites in A.P., have carbon dates and suggest a
chronological frame work of Polakonda 185 B.C. – 35 A.D., Satanikota 235-575 A.D., and 540-635
A.D.(calibrated). Ramapuram 3280±130 BP (1230 B.C) and Veerapuram 3010±100 B.P (1027 B.C) The
researches done so far in South India revealed that the culture has been started from 1100 B.C. and
continued up to 3rd C.A.D.