The main aim of the museum is to preserve the antique wealth of the state and to create awareness among the public regarding the cultural, historical heritage of the State by displaying them thematically in the museums. Acquiring of Treasure Troves through the District Collectors. Conducting of temporary exhibitions, meetings, seminars, lectures and various programmes in connection with calendar events, local festivals and events etc. The Department have 13 Museums in various districts.
List of Museums
1 Visakhapatnam Coastal Archaeological Govt. Museum, Visakhapatnam
2 Andhra Sahitya Parishad Govt. Museum and Research Institute, Kakinad
3 Sri Rallabandi Subbarao Archaeological Govt. Museum, Rajahmundry
4 Bapu Museum, Vijayawada
5 Baudhasree Archaeological Museum, Guntur
6 Kalachakra Museum, Amaravathi
7 District Archaeological Site Museum, Chandavaram, Prakasam District
8 Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu Memorial Government Site Museum Kanaparthi (V) Prakasam District
9 District Archaeological Museum, Nellore
10 Sri Bhagwan Mahavir Govt. Museum, Kadapa
11 Dam Site Museum, Mylavaram, Y.S.R. Kadapa Dist.
12 District Archaeological Museum, Kurnool
13 Padmasree Kalluri Subba Rao Archaeological Museum, Ananthapuram

  • Visakhapatnam Coastal Archaeological Govt. Museum, Visakhapatnam
  • It was told that the Dutch Bungalow wherein the Visakha Museum is located was built over 150 years ago by the Dutch Managers of Indigo Plantation in the region. Later during the British period, it has become the residence of various Civil Servants and as per the details in 1930’s Map; it was shown as District Judges Bungalow.
  • In course of time the ownership passed on to the Rajahs of Daspalla Estate one of the erstwhile ruling families of the region.
  • In the recent past, the Bungalow and the land around it was acquired by the VUDA for the purpose of housing development.
  • Realizing the long felt need for preserving the History and Heritage of this fast developing City, the then Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Sri S.P. Singh, I.A.S., took the initiative of establishing the Museum by acquiring the Dutch Bungalow form VUDA and thus the VISAKHA MUSEUM came into existence.
  • After the Dutch Bungalow was acquired the then Commissioner Sri Sameer Sarma I.A.S. and the then Mayor Sri D.V. Subba Rao made all available efforts in acquiring antique and historic artefacts from the Royal Families of the region, such as Vijayanagaram Samsthanam, Kirlampudi Estate, Bobbili family, Ankitham House, Jaipore family (Orrisa), local institutions such as VPT, HSL, AU, Navy and other local distinctive personalities. The then Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Sri N. Janardhan Reddy inaugurated the Museum on 8th October 1991.

Visitor Facilities: Clean, cool drinking water and good toilets are available.

Timings: The Museum is open from 10.30 AM to 5.00 PM and closed on Fridays and Public Holidays.

Entrance Fees: Rs.3/- for Adults and Rs.1/- for Children