The main aim of the museum is to preserve the antique wealth of the state and to create awareness among the public regarding the cultural, historical heritage of the State by displaying them thematically in the museums. Acquiring of Treasure Troves through the District Collectors. Conducting of temporary exhibitions, meetings, seminars, lectures and various programmes in connection with calendar events, local festivals and events etc. The Department have 13 Museums in various districts.
List of Museums

S.No. Name of Museum Location
1 Visakhapatnam Coastal Archaeological Govt. Museum Visakhapatnam
2 Andhra Sahitya Parishad Govt. Museum and Research Institute Kakinada
3 Sri Rallabandi Subbarao Archaeological Govt. Museum Rajahmundry
4 Bapu Museum with AR & VR Technology Vijayawada
5 Baudhasree Archaeological Museum Guntur
6 Amaravathi Heritage Centre and Museum Amaravathi
7 District Archaeological Site Museum Chandavaram, Prakasam District
8 Sri Tanguturi Prakasam Panthulu Archaeological Site Museum Kanaparthi (V) Prakasam District
9 District Archaeological Museum Nellore
10 Sri Bhagwan Mahavir Govt. Museum Kadapa
11 Dam Site Museum Mylavaram, Y.S.R. Kadapa Dist.
12 Archaeological Museum Kurnool
13 Padmasree Kalluri Subba Rao District Archaeological Museum Ananthapuram