Conservation & Preservation, Restoring of Monuments and Up gradation of Museums in the State of Andhra Pradesh (R)

The Department of Archaeology & Museums is an academic and research oriented institution established in 1914 with a view to conduct survey for identification of ancient human habitation sites and historical monuments and their protection, conservation / restoration, preservation for posterity. After bifurcation of the Andhra Pradesh into two States, under the Government of Andhra Pradesh (R) there are 277 protected monuments and sites and 13 museums in various districts.

The Andhra Pradesh (R) sanctioned an amount of Rs. 54.28 Crores by the Ministry of Culture, Government of India under 13th Finance Commission Grants (2011-2015) as part of the scheme of “Heritage Conservation of Protected Monuments / Sites and Up-gradation of Museums and establishment of new Museums” against Rs. 100.00 Crores, when it was united Andhra Pradesh. The details of works are as follows

  • Total Temples Conservation works taken up : 133 Nos
  • Total Forts Conservation works taken up : 3 Nos
  • Total New Museums Construction & Up gradation ofMuseum works taken up : 16 Nos
  • Total Buddhist Sites Conservation works taken up : 6 Nos
  • Establishment of New Shilparamam : 6 Nos
  • Other Monuments like Heritage Parks, Rock Art Caves,British Libraries, Dutch Cemetery, Residence of Sir Aurthor

    Cotton & Sri Kandukuri Veereshalingam Panthulu, Puligadda

    Pumping Station & Misc. works etc. : 25 Nos

    Total : 189 Nos

The latest status of the works at glance

  • No of works Completed : 142 Nos
  • No of works In progress : 47 NosTotal works : 189 Nos

The high lights of the monuments conservated under 13th Finance Commission Grants through photographs at glance