Andhra Sahitya Parishad Govt. Museum & Research Institute, Kakinada

Andhra Sahitya Parishad was established on 12th May,1911 in Madras and was registered on 8.4.1913 under company act. The main aim of the establishment is to develop telugu literature and to publish telugu literary books. The Sahitya parishad published several books by eminent scholars from 1918. The sahitya parishad was shifted from Madras to Pitapuram by Raja of Pitapuram, later on due to some undisclosed reasons it was shifted to Kakinada in the year 1919-20. The parishad was established in a private building at Kakinada until 1946.

During the year 1947 a good building was donated by Prabala Sundara Ramayya and his wife Venkata Subbamma to Andhra Sahitya Parishad and is housed in the said building since 9th June, 1946. It has started the work of publishing the Andhra Sahitya Parishad Patrikas and published 58 as such. Surya Rayandhra Nighantuvu Volume-I was published in the year 1946, later serial 7 volumes were published. The Parishad had also collected nearly 10,000 books and 4,776 palm-leaf associated with 400 paper manuscripts to enrich its library.

During June 1973, the Sahity Parishad was taken over by the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Government of Andhra Pradesh by renaming it as ANDHRA SAHITYA PARISHAD GOVERNMENT MUSEUM AND RESEARCH INSTITUTE.

Since then it was under control of the Department of Archaeology and Museums and later the old building was renovated with RCC slab and also extension of the building was taken up by this department and arranged the library in a scientific way, it has served so many scholars and local people to fulfill their literary thirst.

In 1977 after 393 antiquities are collected by this museum and nearly half of the antiquities are in display. At present all said antiquities are displayed in a single gallery. Antiquity collection includes early historical pottery, Buddhist period antiquities taken into terracotta, figurines, coins, copper plate inscriptions, stone sculptures, armed weapon sculptures and so on. There is no entrance fee in this museum.

ASP Govt. Museum Kakinada Gallery

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