Brief Introduction on Andhra Sahitya Parishad Govt. Museum and Research Institute, Kakinada :


The Museum and Research Centre is located in Ramarao Pet of Kakinada Town and just one km., away from the Railway Station.

Andhra Sahitya Parishad was established on 12th May 2011 in Madras and was registered on 08-04-1913 under Company Act. The main aim of the establishment is to develop Telugu Literature and to publish Telugu Literary books. The Sahitya Parishad was shifted from Madras to Kakinada in 1919-20. During the year 1947 a good building was donated by Prabala Sundara Ramayya and his wife Venkata Subbamma to Andhra Sahitya Parishad and is housed in the said building since 9th June, 1946. It has published 50 books, collected nearly 10,000/- books of renowned Scholars and 4,776 Palm Leaf and 400 Paper Manuscripts to enrich its library.

During June 1973, the Sahitya Parishad was taken over by the Department at Archaeology and Museums, Government of Andhra Pradesh by renaming it as Andhra Sahitya Parishad Government Museum and Research Institute.

The old building was renovated with RCC slab and also extension of the building was taken up by this Department and arranged Libra by, Almirahs of Palm Leaf Manuscripts in a systematic manner. The Department has collected 393 antiquities and displayed them in a hall. The collection includes early historic pottery, terracotta figurines, Coins, Copper Plate inscriptions, arms & weapons etc.

The stone sculptures are erected on pedestals in front of the museum. A separate hall was provided to the scholars, who came to study the Palm Leaf manuscripts and to organize meetings every month on literature.

The significant antiquities in the museum are the stone sculptures of Chalukya Bhima, Mahavira, Gold Coins of Eastern Chalukyas and the priceless Palm Leaf Manuscripts.

Visitor Facilities: Clean and cool drinking water and good toilets are available.

Timings: The Museum is open from 10.30 A.M to 5.00 P.M and closed on Fridays and Public Holidays.

Entry Fees : Free