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A Note on the Activities of the Department of Archaeology and Museums, Govt.of.A.P., Amaravathi.

In Andhra, Archaeological functions were looked in the Madras presidency as per 1904 Act. After the formation of the State of A.P in 1956, the former Hyderabad, Department of Archaeology was merged and re-designated as the Department of Archaeology, which has spread its activities over entire Andhra Pradesh. As a result of the formation of A.P State the scope of the Department of Archaeology and Museums has been expanded and it became as Department of Archaeology & Museums in the year 1960.

The main function of the Archaeology & Museums Department is to protect and preserve the Archaeological wealth and cultural heritage by the scientific and systematized methodology.

This research oriented department has 6 subordinate offices and 13 museums under its control. The main activities of the Department, including conducting surveys and explorations, excavations, preservation of historical monuments and sites, acquisition of Treasure Troves, sculpture conservation of protected monuments, epigraphically survey, photo documentation and bring out the departmental publication on the research work carried out by the department and also maintenance of the Museums all over the State.

The Department is making efforts to protect Archaeology and Architectural significance under A.P. Ancient & Historical Monuments & Archaeological Sites & Remains Act (A.P. Act VII of 1960) for the posterity. Conservation works are under taken in a phased manner. Previously, the Department was implementing a centrally sponsored Non-Plan scheme i.e, registration of antiquities under the Antiquities & Art Treasures Act of 1972 and assist in AMSAR act 2010 to the Archaeological Survey of India.

Each branch is headed by a Deputy Director Under the supervision of the Director, for which this Department is having the following branches:

  1. Technical (Excavation)

  2. Museums

  3. Engineering (conservation)

  4. Administration.

    Each branch is headed by a Deputy Director.

  1. Technical Branch : This branch is headed Deputy Director (Tech) assisted by an Assistant Director (Exc) at the Head Quarters and all Subordinate Offices located in the districts under the supervision of the Director. In conducting exploration, excavations, shifting of sculptures and epigraphically pillars/ slabs to the nearest museums and also preparation of excavations reports. The programme of village wise survey and preparing directory of monuments of A.P for each district. Documentation of monuments, explorations, excavations, photographs attended by the photography section.

           In Combined Andhra Pradesh State, the Department conducted 120 archaeological Excavations like Megalithic, Ash mounds, Early historic, Buddhist, Medieval and colonial sites. Out of 120 sites 33 Megalithic burial site excavations were conducted by this department 11 in Andhra region and 22 in Telengana region.

          Recently the Department conducted excavation at Buddhist site A. Kotthapalle (V), Tondangi (M), East Godavari District. Salvage archaeological operations are conducting in the Polavaram Project submergence area.This department conducting megalithic burial excavations at Rayunipeta Village Yetapaka Mandal in East Godavari Dist and Rudrammakota village Velerupadu Mandal in West Godavari Dist with the collaboration of Deccan College Pune.

          The Department has protected 274 Monuments of defferent kinds like Anicient Forts, Temples, Buddhist sites, Islamic Monuments and colonial Buildings etc., of historical and archaeological importance.

      Publication Section : The Assistant Director (T) (pub) with the help of the Technical Assistant under supervision of Deputy Director (T) this section brings out publications of the Department such as annual administrative reports, excavation reports, museum catalogues, Journal of Andhra Historical Research Society, A.P Journal of Archaeology, Epigraphia Andhrica, Annual Report on Epigraphy, Monographs of Monuments and published 385 titles of publications.

      Library Section : The library at the head quarters is one among the best, which provides very rare, old books on different subjects like History, Iconography, Archaeology, Preservation and Conservation etc, and headed by a Librarian (Gazetted). Every office in the district is having a library for reference on Archaeological Studies. At present head office library is not bifurcated. It is in Hyderabad.

      Epigraphy Section : The main duty of the section is to conduct epigraphical survey, collection of estampages, deciphering and publishing district volumes and journals of Epigraphia Andhrica with the assistance of Assistant Director (T)(Epy) and Technical Assistant (Epy).

    This department collected 5375 estampages of inscriptions belonging different dynasties and published 40 titles of epigraphical publications.

2. Museum Branch: It is headed by the Deputy Director (Museums) assisted by the Assistant Director (Tech) (Museums) and Technical Assistant. This branch deals with the establishment and maintenance of museums in the districts and at important archaeological sites. The main aim of the museum is to preserve the antique wealth of the state and to create awareness among the public regarding the cultural, historical heritage of the State by displaying them thematically in the museums. Acquiring of Treasure Troves through the District Collectors. Conducting of temporary exhibitions, meetings, seminars, lectures and various programmes in connection with calendar events, local festivals and events etc.

    Chemical Conservation Section : The activities of the section are to preserve the antiquities by treating chemically collected through T.Ts and excavations. Treatment of museum objects such as bronzes, coins, sculptures, Manuscripts, Palm leaves etc. and skeletal laboratory is also a part and partial of the works attended to by this section.

3. Engineering Branch: This section is headed by the Assistant Director (Engg) under supervision of Executive Engineer APTDC . The main function of the branch is to conserve the dilapidated structural monuments and excavated structures on priority. The work of transplantation of temples in the submerged areas. The above works are attended by this branch with the guidance of the technical branch under control of the Director.

4. Administrative Branch: This branch is supervised by the Deputy Director (Admn) who is also in charge of the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of Head Quarters, assisted by the Assistant Director (Admn) besides the administration under

    Dr. G. Vani Mohan, I.A.S., Commissioner, Department of Archaeology & Museums

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